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“I think it was an inundation or a big fire,” she a little languidly smiled.

Was it a flood—an inundation—a sudden swelling of the stream?

The Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche and his anointed family have spent the last 35 years traveling the globe, uplifting the church, delivering aid to the needy, and inundating nations with the living Word of God and miraculous demonstrations of the Holy Ghost and power.

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Prouided, that the ground neither be boggy, nor the inundation be past 24.

Hathor was regarded in tradition as the cause of the inundation.

Hypermetric ataxia is characteristic in less severe cases.

Cattle are most affected, sheep and horses less frequently.

Furthermore, in so far as the methods used are a form of hydraulic engineering, it may be useful to differentiate between controlled inundations (as in most historic inundations in the Netherlands under the Dutch Republic and its successor states in that area and exemplified in the two Hollandic Water Lines, the Stelling van Amsterdam, the Frisian Water Line, the IJssel Line, the Peel-Raam Line, and the Grebbe line in that country) and uncontrolled ones (as in the second Siege of Leiden during the first part of the Eighty Years' War, and the Inundation of Walcheren, and the Inundation of the Wieringermeer during the Second World War).

To count as controlled a military inundation has to take the interests of the civilian population into account, by allowing them a timely evacuation, by making the inundation reversible, and by making an attempt to minimize the adverse ecological impact of the inundation.

the artificial hydrological entities, known as Polders, may be inundated by simply giving the water source access again.

In the latter perspective inundation may simply be a form of hydraulic engineering.

But we were now within the limits of the annual inundation; and but few plants can thrive there.

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