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At that point the text on the other icons disappears (the icon remains in its place for the correct amount of time but the text on it just goes away).

I tried the version of Pandaria on the wod beta a few weeks ago and there was this exact problem. I have a problem that has been bugging me for a long time, my profiles don't save.

Tested by Robrman and Lexk but there may still be bugs.

intimidating shout spell id-32intimidating shout spell id-40intimidating shout spell id-63

if you could Real ID me and send me the script that would be great.. Sorry I am probably going to ask a question that comes across as stupid, but you don't know if you don't ask. I m back to the game and i see that some spells are missing.

Like hunter's freezing trap, detterence, and dissengage.

Formerly known as "Interrupt Bar modified by Robrman"CHANGES:-Corrected spell cooldowns for phychic scream and freezing trap (v1.4.7)-Added freezing trap and hunter spec detection in arenas to adjust cooldown(v1.4.6)-Fixed cooldown timer disappearing when using Smart hidden(v1.4.5)-Updated spells for Wo D (v1.4.4)-Updated spells(v1.4.3)-Corrected the first line Juked Party Realm = Get Realm Name() Thanks Jitter88(v1.4.3)-Let me know if I missed any spells-Added Carrion Swarm, corrected CD on Spear Hand Strike (Thanks Shivtey)(v1.4.2)-Added optical blast, changed ring of frost and intimidating shout for 5.1(v1.4.1)-Added some/most new spells, may need tweaking - open to suggestions(v1.4.0)-Updated for Mo P, removed obsolete spells, haven't added the new spells yet(v1.3.9)-Cleaned up the code a bit(v1.3.8)-Updated for 4.3, added some new spells(v1.3.7)-Fixed Hidden off smart on (spell icons were stacking)(v1.3.6)-Some of the cooldowns may have changed, if they have and I didnt fix them please let me know.(v1.3.5)-Fixed for 4.2, added shadowfury, fixed cloak of shadows and combat readiness CD(v1.3.5)-Cleaned up some of the code(v1.3.4)-Fixed moving the frames(v1.3.4)-Fixed spell reflect cd(v1.3.3)-Updated for 4.1(v1.3.2)-Fixed some issues with profiles, if you find one please report it(v1.3.1)-Added profiles, may still need work - feedback appreciated as always(v1.3.0)-FINALLY added a GUI for the options.

Use "/juked gui" or "/juked opts" or "/juked config" (v1.3.0)-Added Silencing shot to be reset with Readiness(v1.3.0)-Added Readiness resetting Scatter Shot and Deterrence, may be incomplete(v1.2.9)-Cleaned up some of the code, fixed some errors with repositioning(v1.2.8)-Added individual locking, hiding and smart modes, still possibly buggy(v1.2.7)-Fixed moving, probably still some work to be done there(v1.2.7)-Added /ib smart (v1.2.7)-Cleaned up the help menu some mode, added /juked config to show the current values(v1.2.6)-Added "/juked growleft" to make the icons grow left from the anchor(v1.2.6)-Cleaned up the help menu a bit, feedback is appreciated(v1.2.5)-Added scaling for main bar and prio bar individually(v1.2.5)-Fixed possible problem with Gnaw if used by a transformed ghoul (Thanks Damnationx)(v1.2.4)-Fixed Death Coil cooldown to account for Warlock 4 piece bonus -30 seconds (Thanks Damnationx)(v1.2.4)-Fixed cooldown timer restarting (if same CD is popped, restart timer.

I tried to modify the lua file to add/remove some spells that i dont/need and they are not working properly.

For example the freezing trap is not tracked as intended.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.I was hoping that with the 6.0.2 update it would've been fixed but the probem still persists. If I switch from any character to another the profile just like deletes itself, I can magically move all my bars around (even though they're hidden) and it's extremely annoying. I private messaged you but I literaly can't figure out why spell lock and optical blast won't work with this addon, and for some reason I can't get spell lock to work on interrupt bar as well.I also asked a friend of mine to see if he had the same problem and he did. I have searched all the possible spell id's and still nothing.I give 100% credits to Robrman i just added the new spells/abilitys/interrupts and fixed the 7.0.3 framework.

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