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Though according to a survey done by physics students from the University of Texas, the lights they saw came from the headlights of passing cars which would explain the current sightings but not the earlier ones.Described as being seven-feet tall with glowing red eyes and ten-foot long wings, the Mothman has been connected with the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967 which led to 46 casualties as some witnesses claimed to have gained the gift of foresight after seeing him.Then eight years later, another major sighting occurred and since then there have been lots of You Tube videos posted that supposedly document the UFOs that appear over Mexico City’s skyline though their authenticity is up for debate like many others.

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A few years later, the Soviet Union collapsed and the city was reclaimed by Ukraine despite the plant being commissioned by the Russians.

Today, only a few people remain while the plant is closely monitored due to the heavy amount of radiation that still affects the area.

Close to the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain, this dormant yet active volcano resides.

Within its long history, it’s erupted several times with two major ones in 1949 and then 1971.

This was largely in part due to the account of the Lutz family, which the book and movie focus on, who experienced some disturbing things after they bought a house in Amityville after the last resident was driven to taking the lives of his own family (which really did happen).

While it isn’t clear whether the Lutz family’s account is true or not, that hasn’t affected the house’s notoriety.Since then, multiple explanations for them have been brought up ranging from natural causes such as St.Elmo’s fire to fantastic notions like ghosts and UFOs.Lying off the coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is famous for having miles and miles of coral along a stretch of ocean that’s teeming with marine wildlife of all shapes and sizes.This even includes large sharks and saltwater crocodiles according to National Geographic, making those who are too squeamish to dive not want to go anywhere near the Great Barrier Reef.Then for a century, the place remained forgotten until people started using it for parties leading to a series of renovations and becoming open to the public.

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