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In the early days of his career, Brent was employed at Fast Lane Technologies.

He was a member of the sales team the Hounds in the Pound: read on to explore the comprehensive list of the best sales team names we have seen at Peak since, and to learn how the name the Hounds in the Pound came to be.

A perusal through this list will have shown you just how many varied types of team names there can be.

If you're thinking of naming your team, one of these names, as is, or with a slight modification, can always be taken up as a great choice.

The last 3 name are similar to the previous 3, but are in reversed order, and use 'of'. Many words are shared with the previous 3 names, but there are plenty of differences as well.

To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names.

The sheer variety, we are sure, is bound to impress you.

Sit back, people, this one promises to be a fun ride.

If your goal is to win at a high level, every little bit counts, so pick a team name that stands out.

Get your team a mental advantage before the match even starts.

Also, recent trend that has been seen to set in, is naming a team based on a team that features in movies.

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