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This free interview contains an exciting and eye-opening conversation with Christian Carter, who has helped millions of women become more successful with men, dating and relationships through his e Book, as well as his seminars and newsletters over the last four years.

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That’s why, every month, I pick one expert and invite them into a recording studio so that I can literally pick their brain for all their best stories and advice.

And they REALLY deliver – sharing their BEST IDEAS and SECRETS to creating an amazing love life.

Have they spent years studying human behavior and psychology? So there’s got to be a better place to get the answers you need to create an amazing and fulfilling relationship. For most of my life I was in the same place you are now and I knew NOTHING about men.

I grew up very sheltered and was shy and “naive” about how to build a loving and close relationship.

If you’re feeling the same way, I have great news for you…

I want to share WITH YOU all the wisdom and inspiration that I’ve gotten from these incredible and smart people.Or maybe you’re frustrated that you haven’t been able to get a relationship going – and dating feels like a tedious, disappointing chore.Up until now, you’ve probably spent hours talking to girlfriends and family to get their advice.If you’re reading this, you’re probably struggling with a relationship that isn’t what you’d hoped for.I know what it feels like to hit a dead-end, and not know how to get closer to your man and fix the pain.I’ve met some truly amazing people on my own personal journey toward lasting love, including a fantastic network of relationship and life experts.

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