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Note that insider stock trading activity should not be used as a simple technical indicator when deciding to buy or sell a stock.

However, insider buying and selling activity is a good starting point to further investigate a company, either by analyzing the fundamental data of the company or by studying other insider trading related matters such as the stock trading history of the insider, the type of insider (officer or beneficiary owner) etc.

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The legal version is when corporate insiders (officers, directors, and beneficiary owners) buy and sell stock in their own companies.

When corporate insiders trade in their own securities, they must report their trades to the SEC.Insider trading analysis guru George Muzea wrote a book called The Vital Few Vs the Trivial Many: Invest with the Insiders, Not the Masses. He called corporate insiders "the vital few" and investor masses "the trivial many".By following the vital few, he made big profits in the stock market for himself and for his corporate clients.Most insiders including CEOs, CFOs make a living on a moderate salary (See management salary).Sale stock at a profit is an important source of income for many of them.It is evident that more insiders buy their company shares in the months of March, May, August, and November.

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