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“Dating sites” primarily cater towards an older audience Think about it: Bars are places for single people to hang out, and maybe you might meet someone there. But when you start talking about the crowd that goes to “singles mixers” and “speed dating,” you’re primarily talking about a much older crowd that’s looking to pair up.

One issue here, obviously, is that as soon as you slap the “dating” label on something, you’re automatically appealing to people ready to settle down rather than to hang out with people casually. So, going back to the MDA framework, you should start at the question of, what are the feelings and emotions you’re trying to trigger when it comes to dating sites.

So a lot of the excitement of dating comes from the thrill of the chase, and then settling down into a real relationship.

For the older crowd, I’m guessing (since I’m not part of this group), that it’s much more around safety, life-long matches that are highly personalized, and making it a comfortable experience.

Or that on My Space, you can send a message to a friend-of-a-friend asking about something random, and then the game of reading into the message can start. So starting with the aesthetics I named above, I think the dynamics you want to create are ultimately around playfulness, mixed messages, push-pull, and all the other great cat-and-mouse games.

Here are some random ideas I’ve just brainstormed out: Ultimately, if you can get a gender balanced group of people who are all local to each other to talk and have fun, I think you’re going to find that a lot of them will automatically start dating. Get new updates/analysis on tech and startups I write a high-quality, weekly newsletter covering what's happening in Silicon Valley, focused on startups, marketing, and mobile.So, it is important to find a Merchant Account service provider who understands the complete dynamics of the industry, its compliance regulations, legal aspects, disputes, and frauds.If you are running a membership-based or subscription-based online dating service and are looking for a reliable Payment Solutions Provider, you have landed at the right place!This group still wants a little bit of the cat-and-mouse, but they don’t want to make it *too* exciting.I won’t address this group much since I can’t speak for the userbase. If you guys have ever used a typical dating site, it seems like the aesthetics are completely broken.By paging through a huge group of profiles, and then clicking to message them, the feeling is much more “transacitonal” in nature.

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