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Keep and make copies of the original documents supplied by your employees. Keep only the minimum number of documents required and store the forms and document photocopies separate from your employee files.If any changes are made to the I-9 file document, change them on the original form and initial and date the changes. Reverify expiring work authorizations and don't allow employees to work if their documentation has expired.

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The following documents can be used to establish an employee's identity: Make sure the I-9 forms are filled out correctly and that you and your employee follow the directions exactly.

You must keep each employee's I-9 form on file for at least three years or for one year after employment ends, whichever is longer.

How to update the Form I-9: If the employee has officially changed their name via marriage, divorce, or other official reason, a Section 3 Entry should be used to document the change.

The name used on the Form I-9 should always match the name on their Social Security Card.

No fee is required for the first application for refugees or asylees. The receipt for this application is not acceptable for I-9 purposes.

Employees with an EAD must apply at least 90 days before the expiration date on the EAD for an extension of employment authorization.

An employee may only use receipts in lieu of original documents when (1) the receipt is for a replacement document where the original has been lost or stolen (receipts are not acceptable for initial issuance of employment authorization documents, drivers license or identification cards, social security cards, etc), (2) the arrival portion of the Form I-94 indicating temporary evidence of permanent resident status, or (3) the departure portion of the Form I-94 indicating refugee status.

Documents accepted as receipts for the replacement or refugee status are valid for 90 days, at which time the original document must be provided by the employee to the employer.

The preparer and/or translator must read the form to the employee, assist him/her in completing Section 1, and have the employee sign or mark the form in the appropriate place.

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