How to use pheremones in dating accommodating diversity

Afterwards, their dating partners filled out evaluations to indicate which people they would like to see again. Sarah (who had the pheromones) drew interest from 9 out of 10 men, while her twin, Bridget, had 5 men interested. "Pheromones: a new term for a class of biologically active substances". who is one of 21 females in her Columbia University graduate program. Yes, please add a copy of Hormones and Your Health to my package. If I don’t put it on, I feel like I am missing something. I do like the product and I will just tell you one incident. Another vial of that special Athena for her perfume.

Simply empty the entire contents (using the provided funnel) into a 2-4 ounce bottle of alcohol-based perfume, cologne, or eau de toilette, and dab the mixture above upper lip, behind ears, and elsewhere at least every other day.

Please note that your must be stored in a 'splash-on' bottle with a screw-cap that can be tightly closed (not a spray or atomizer bottle).

He is an attractive young man but the difference with the 10X was really noticeable. My son just got into med school and a few years ago, he used your guide posted on the Athena website, for how to get into medical school. These pheromones are for my children: one will be going to Columbia, the one to medical school upstate. I have never had trouble dating men, but since the 1013, I have noticed a real difference. But when I am wearing the , it seems like he forgets his steps! I bought it and didn’t tell my husband I was buying it. Then when my daughter got of age I bought one for her to add to her perfume.

He wrote a paper on it back then and enjoyed so much the experience. We are thrilled and sending one vial to him and one to my daughter... Some years ago, I read your book on finding a mate and enjoyed that so much. I have definitely become one of your faithful customers. I am not sure if that is so good for my dancing lessons but I know that the pheromone is effective." "I would like to order another and mixing bottle for my daughter. Now she is 22 but the boys from high school still remember she only wants one thing from me for Valentine’s Day.

Featured on CNN, CNBC, Discover, Web MD, BBC News, NY Times and ABC, pheromones have been used by millions of people to dramatically increase sex appeal, get more dates and become the center of attention.

Scientists have now discovered one of nature's secrets that is powerful enough to attract the opposite sex and increase sexual attraction.

Many copycats claim my research prove their products work. Some sites even quote articles about me and Athena Pheromones and substitute their product names.

Visit the websites of the copycat products; question who they are and what science they have supporting the efficacy of their own products. I think caveat emptor, "Let the Buyer Beware", is a relevant slogan for pheromone customers." have had quite a year using Athena Pheromones!

I'd just like to add that you have certainly made your mark in the world by making so many women happier and more confident with your product - you should be proud. It’s not that it makes people fall in love with you , but it sure makes them a great deal more pleasant to deal with. Right now I am fighting them off there are so many men interested in me. He was very stand offish for a year but within a week of my wearing your pheromone in my long time scent he asked me out. *** I am having the time of my life and I thank you, Dr.

Warm regards from Egypt." "Please send me another Athena . I am in Real Estate and my customers stay with me like I'm honey. I will be 50 in January and with your product life is just starting for me! Thank you so much for a fine product." "I like the reactions I get with the . Cutler." Although Athena Pheromone should work for most women, it is not guaranteed to work for every woman.

The debate regarding human pheromones has been going on for decades but thanks to modern science the evidence strongly points to pheromones influencing human behavior.

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