How to disable frostwire updating

Frostwire's features include: Save Location can be clicked to open the OS's default file explorer to show the file/folder pertinent to the transfer. Translations updated (Ukranian, Norwegian, Turkish). Git Hub makes it easy to scale back on context switching.So to sum it up, Frost Wire is a Bit Torrent client that allows you to share files via P2P.

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The system requirements for running the application on a PC are very low: 256MB of RAM memory or more, an active internet connection.

A setup wizard will help you quickly install Frost Wire on your PC.

Bugs reported in older versions have been fixed for the latest version.

Any users with Frost Wire 2.5 or earlier MUST update.

Pros Frost Wire is available for multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android.

The system requirements for running Frost Wire are quite low.

You can also permanently filter out any keywords you never want to show up in the results, as well as all adult content.

These options are even more specific than some of the torrent websites I've used.

After you've made the initial search, you can uncheck the sites you don't want to search through, and the results will instantly change.

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