How slow is too slow online dating

The following dates should all be spaced as close together as possible, so dates 3, 4, 5 and 6 should be in pretty close succession.If we do not keep the momentum going, the initial butterflies we felt can lose their effect.If you just realized that it been more than 5 days since you sent a text or voice note, you can try apologizing or explaining and see what happens.

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But, if you kill the momentum by waiting too many days to check in via text, or by not calling, or by not planning another date – you’re killing all those good vibes. It doesn’t matter if you’re casually dating or not, these types of things are always appreciated if not expected. ) isn’t going to come across as someone we want to waste our time with.

Things might have been running hot, but he or she is about to go cold on your ass because you’re not keeping him or her. Remember that effort is sexy and someone who doesn’t put effort in (like …. Keep the momentum going strong, because not only will this mentality better your chances with him or her, but it is also the best way to truly get to know someone and to keep someone thinking highly of you.

If we are fortunate enough to be able to pick right back up where we left off, that’s great – and it’s awesome if you are able to rekindle that chemistry – but you are making it much more difficult for yourself if you slow the momentum down.

Sending a text message every few days checking in and saying hello is a great way to keep the momentum going, thus keeping a prospect interested in between dates. There is a happy medium which will be different for everyone.

It’s best to actually plan the next date at the end of your current date. Keep in mind that the second date should not take place more than two weeks after the first date.

If the first date went exceptionally well, the best thing you can do is lock in a second date soon after.

If someone you’re dating was the last person to text, or was the last person to initiate contact, that means the ball is officially in your court – and the clock is ticking.

The first several dates should be spaced close together in an effort to keep the momentum going.

This is much more effective than the lazy courtship where you passively wait until the weekend rolls around – only to find out he or she already has plans.

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