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Not only do you get to see them in person, but you get a much more realistic "feeling" on who they are, and what they are all about. Like Tinder, if you are not interested, you can simply say "no," and the other party doesn't have to know about.Rejecting people is a thing you shouldn't have to worry about at a speed dating event. Not everyone uses Zippy Match yet, so we suggest casting a wide net in searching for your speed dating events.

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You'll meet fewer people, but they are invested in finding companionship.

You'll also get to know people significantly better than you would on a dating site.

There are so many people on these sites, it can be overwhelming!

Unlike these sites, speed dating takes more of a "quality over quantity" approach.

Therefore, people, wanting to emphasize the significance of the relationship, say that it was love at first sight. But the moment of the origin of sympathy follows after the first glance and not always immediately.

Indeed, there is something supernatural and wonderful in the coincidence of sympathy. And in order to feel it, a man and a woman must meet first.Let’s see what psychological aspects are hidden in this direction.Speed ​​Dating is a paid format for quick dates or parties, the purpose of which is to acquaint different people with each other.In fact, whether a man and a woman will meet or not depends on the availability of the first step, and not on who took it. And it is not surprising that progressive people use additional opportunities to meet and establish relationships in the format of Speed ​​Dating.To be an interesting and pleasant conversationalist on your first acquaintance, it is enough to follow a few simple speed dating tips: Experts say that a few seconds are enough for a person to form an idea about a person at whom he or she looks or speak.In the psychology of many people, there is a lofty idea of ​​the first meeting.

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