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Thanks to the P2P technology, you are able to watch your CCTV cameras from anywhere using Internet in a breeze, like checking on your remote shed or cabin from the comfort of your home.

In our test, we used Reolink RLC-410 security camera for the remote access setup via UID method.

And 12 users can simultaneously watch the Reolink non-battery powered CCTV cameras from anywhere using Internet.

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Typically the security camera software has a page that displays your network status, including the IP address of your security camera.

Taking Reolink C1 Pro for example, after launching Reolink Client on your computer and logging into the camera, you can click "Device Settings" and go to "Network Status" to find you camera IP address.

The screen can also be programmed to rotate the image on the screen so you don’t have to reverse what is left and right in your mind as you back up.

Now hooking up is a breeze – just turn on the camera and guide the tow ball under the coupler with no fuss or confusing hand signals from your significant other.

In fact, not only yourself, your wife and parents can also stream your IP camera over Internet simultaneously.

(Read this to learn how to access IP cameras on multiple devices at one time.) For Reolink battery powered security cameras, 8 users can remotely view the IP cameras online via the cellphones at the same time.

Step 2: Launch the app and enter a unique ID number (UID) to add the camera device.

Step 3: Click the Reolink RLC-410 camera on the App or Client and you can view your IP camera over the Internet outside the home network.

Streaming IP cameras over Internet can undoubtedly provide you peace of mind while you are away, yet many of you may labor your wits over setting up your IP camera for remote viewing and still end up in failure.

So how to remotely view your security cameras using the Internet?

And below are the 3 simple steps to configure an IP camera on Internet for remote viewing within less than 2 minutes.

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