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Teammates for life with some kink thrown in to keep things fun… I'm a positive person, enjoy life in general, I smile most of the time to people, I achieved things in my life and think that the best is still ahead.However if I could find someone who could share my life and is like me, open minded and is interested in a lot of topics, then this life would be even more precious.

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(Sorry to be so firm but lots of people on this site can waste your time.) Here’s me; I’m from the Philippines and working in Hong Kong at the moment. My interests vary but the main premise of the relationship I seek is one where I’m the dominant partner when it comes to our sex life.

The hotwife/cuckold lifestyle can be designed many ways.

I'm passionate about life in general cos I believe there are always other possibilities and opportunities around the corner if we are brave enough to explore and experience whatever good or bad happening in our lives. I am a nurse so I find it hard to meet guys since most of the men I come into contact with are usually married or in a relationship. You're a single guy living in HK, non-smoker, aged 55-65, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in people and life .

I'm looking for a guy in his mid 40s to mid 50s with no children, or at least your children is old enough and independent. I look forward to hearing from you and let’s take it from there.

I am an independent woman who has brought up children on my own for most of their lives. I’m seeking a man of character who is solid and confident in life, yet understands and truly gets excite about being my second when it comes to the carnal aspects of our lives.

I don’t see our life focused on any heavy D/s premise unless our discussions lead us to this conclusion.If you have a different language I’ll do my best to try to learn it.As I mature woman I am at that point in my life where I want to find a man who is seeking a woman to live out the rest of his days with.I explain more about my hotwife desires in my personal writings on this page (hopefully someone serious about me will take the time to read it).My goals are to find a strong partner who will stand beside me in much of life, yet yield to me when it comes to all things sexual.Hope you can be that person who is looking for completeness. Loves cooking and being a great companion and movie buddy, funny girl. For You I'm often visit Hongkong to search for new goods. Looking for goods to sell in the Philippines and at the same time help people for there stuff and errands like( personal assistant per hour).

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