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After Home Improvement ended, Jonathan graduated high-school and enrolled in Harvard University, where is studied philosophy and history.

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Home improvement the dating game

Tim Allen portrays the head of the family, Tim Taylor.

After the years of Home Improvement, Tim reprised his role as Buzz Lightyear in the sequels of hit Pixar franchise Toy Story.

Jill Taylor is the loving wife of Tim on Home Improvement.

She serves as the family’s voice of reason, often trying to prevent Tim from ruining appliances around the house while trying to give them “more power”.

Another major interest of Brad is girls, and so he has several love interests on the show.

He is particularly close with Randy in the early years, as they pick on their younger brother Mark, but eventually grows closer with Mark as well.

This year, Zachery will appear in superhero action series, Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets. As a kid, he constantly teams up with Brad to play pranks on their younger brother, Mark.

But in his teenage years he left his mischievous days behind (although he always remained a jokester) and became more focused on his interests.

He’s husband of Jill, and father to three boys – Brad, Randy and Mark.

Tim is most enthusiastic about cars, tools, and building things.

Home Improvement was one of the most watched sit-coms of the ’90s, beloved by American families, as well as tool enthusiasts – who related to Tim Taylor, the tool man.

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