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This cycle of reproduction can happen every week to 10 days, another reason earthworm populations can grow so quickly [source: Barrett].

During sexual intercourse among earthworms, both sets of sex organs are used by both worms.

If all goes well, the eggs of both of the mates become fertilized.

You know the wide band near the front of any earthworm?

That band is called the clitellum and it's responsible for producing another tube of mucus.

The band of slime is wriggled off the head of the worm and forms a cocoon in the shape of a lemon for the anywhere from four to 20 worm eggs that the common European earthworm typically lays.

In about two to three weeks, the newborn worms will hatch and emerge from the cocoon into the soil.

Each worm ejaculates sperm from its sex organs into this slime tube and it is then deposited in the other worm's sperm receptacle.

The act of mating is completed, but the process of reproduction still continues as each worm goes its separate way [source: Conrad].

One of the most interesting aspects of earthworms is their sexuality.

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