Height dating study

But if you’re getting all caught up in feeling sorry for yourself, let me stop you right there, because while men are dreaming of shacking up with attractive women, women are caught up in shacking up with tall men – and naturally, in all things, there is a shortage of what’s desirable. Height and attraction: Do men and women see eye-to-eye?

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Height dating study

Another study found that short men live longer than tall men, so there’s that too!

Also, another study found that short men had more SEX! Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 6: 396-401.

Tall men also tended to command attention from others, which women found appealing.

Did you know that tall men aren’t as affected by dominance cues as are short men?

Furthermore, a study by Shepperd and Strathman (1989) revealed that 95 percent of the female participants preferred a taller man, 3 percent the same height and 2 percent preferred males shorter than themselves.

Therefore it suggests that it is not the absolute height but rather the relative height that matters the most. If we accept this information, and we should, than we also accept that you and I, and everyone else, will have a far better chance of getting what we want from a woman who is shorter than ourselves.

So why is it that women find height to be so important?

Beigel’s (1954) study showed that people attribute everything from dominance, superiority, fearlessness, protectiveness, ambitiousness, leadership qualities, athleticism and sheer physical strength to tall people over shorter people.

Men simply must be taller then the women they seek.

It is much easier to change your target date than it is to change your height!

The male taller norm is the cardinal rule of dating.

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