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Recruiting literature describing the extremist Israelite doctrine is just as harsh as the street preachers' angry rhetoric. "Will the different nations who believe in Jesus be saved from the Lord's wrath? At the head of the sanctuary is an altar adorned with coiled horns made of wood and metal candelabras.

Just behind the altar, atop a slightly raised stage, is a table covered in cloth.

You will be issued a King James Version of the Bible — and any other version that you may carry will be taken away. He pours olive oil on your head as a final cleansing measure. Zacharyah ben Ya'aqov, a former racist Hebrew Israelite who was active in the movement in the 1990s, calls the activities of camps "evangelical terrorizing." Ya'aqov, who now heads the Israelite group, The Truth After Knowledge, denounces his former community's racist doctrines.

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Equally hated are "fraudulent" Jews, "the synagogue of Satan." They're closely followed in no particular order by Asians, promiscuous black women, abortionists, continental Africans (who, according to the extremist Israelites, sold the lost tribes of Israel, who were black, to European slave traders), and gay people, who according to extremist Israelites should all be put to death. The walls are lined with posters bearing the names and images of the 12 tribes of Israel and the nations who are believed to represent each of those tribes today.

(In December 2006, three gay men who were assaulted inside an Atlanta nightclub identified their attackers as Hebrew Israelites; no arrests were made). " reads one of the Israelite Church's widely distributed flyers. The biblical tribe of Judah, for instance, is said to be the forbear of today's African Americans, while those of Levi and Benjamin are believed to have become the Haitians and West Indians of the present.

You must assure guards that you're not a law enforcement officer or a spy from a rival Hebrew Israelite group, and then you have to give up your photo identification.

Any recording device will be confiscated during an aggressive pat down search carried out by the guards.

When the door is unbolted briefly to allow you into the building, you walk into a tiny vestibule where you're required to enter your name, address and telephone number into a ledger.

If you have a cell phone, it will be confiscated and stored in a file cabinet until you leave. " Mobile clusters of up to a dozen extremist Hebrew Israelite street preachers, known in the movement as "camps," have become a common presence at busy intersections, plazas and public transportation centers in large American cities, especially in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D. The camps are often remarkably aggressive and intimidating, railing against "white devils" and calling for death for Jews and gay men and lesbians.

Since 2000, when the prophecy of a key leader failed to materialize (he predicted Christ would return to Earth at the dawn of the new millennium to wreak bloody vengeance on white people), the rhetoric of extremist Hebrew Israelites sects has been steadily heating up, with increasing talk of an impending apocalypse and God-ordained race war.

At the same time, a magnetic young leader, who counts among his disciples the lead singer of a top-selling R&B group, emerged and rapidly expanded a movement that was previously concentrated in black inner-city neighborhoods on the East Coast.

The altercation is part of an Israelite School recruiting video that began circulating this spring and has since been viewed more than 73,000 times. "It's frightening when a person or group can force noise — whatever the speech content — inside another's home," said Capitol Hill resident David Klavitter, who monitors the Israelite School camps for his Quest for Quiet blog.

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