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When Percy started avoiding Quidditch and locking himself in his room, claiming to be too busy, they knew something was going on. His exam results came the day before you did; twelve O. L.s and he hardly gloated at all.’Finally, his baffling behaviour was explained – it was love!

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The pair spent the dance deep in conversation, barely noticing their food.

Hermione was taken hostage in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament because she was the person Krum would miss the most.

The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's.

Malfoy potter granger weasley we are now enimies I'm just saying what I think is right.

PLEASE COMMENT ON WHETHER OR NOT I SHOULD CONTINUE!! Basically, you were brought up by your parents as a muggle (your parents are pure-bloods), just in case you were a squib, and so that you would know that not all muggles are bad.

This is starting in 1st year, but I'm going to skip 2nd year.

If you think that Draco is nice open your eyes and read the books and watch the movies he is very cruel and nasty especially when he calls Hermione a mud blood!

This is a quiz to find out how your life would look like if you would be at Hogwarts.

In fact, she’d already been making plans for his afterlife, telling him: ‘Oh, well ... If you had died, you’d have been welcome to share my toilet.’When she bumped into Harry again in the prefects’ bathroom, she complained that Harry hadn’t been to see her for ages.‘Will you come and visit me in my bathroom again sometime?

’ Moaning Myrtle asked mournfully, as Harry picked up the Invisibility Cloak. I’ll try,’ Harry said, though privately thinking the only way he’d be visiting Myrtle’s bathroom again was if every other toilet in the castle got blocked. The course of true love never did run smooth, as Harry found out in his fourth year at Hogwarts.

When he met Ravenclaw seeker Cho Chang, ‘Harry couldn't help noticing, nervous as he was, that she was extremely pretty ...’However, he didn’t pluck up the courage to ask her out until the Yule Ball, and by that point, she’d already agreed to go with Cedric Diggory.

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