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Even the oldest character, Owen, is a veritable hottie despite his age.Mateo was the most eye catching with his sexy poses and washboard abs.

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I feel like it’s a combination of budget constraints and the need to maintain a consistent style. SOUND EFFECTS AND VOICE ACTING (SFX)There is no voice acting. Most sounds are prompted by navigating the menus and playing mini-games.

During sex dates, some small groans and sighs can be heard when you chain a combo. MUSICThe game treats you to a simple melody upon starting.

It’s pleasant and welcoming, mixing some drums, piano and a couple of string instruments.

The song is relatively short and loops as you go through the prologue, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

It’s an easy jazz tune, complete with synthesized sound effects and drums. Despite the repeated looping, both songs are simple and well-done enough that I didn’t have a problem with the music.

The third track I noticed was used much later in the game.

Hook up with the dudes until they’re ready for in-and-out in the bed room. Upon arriving, you meet up your girl pal, Penelope.

They got muscle, they got status, they are high status males just looking for some fun.

There is also minor animation: There’s limited body movement, making the experience of talking to each guy more immersive. From a ripped body builder to a well-built journalist, I wasn’t left wanting.

Character CGs are nicely drawn with plenty of emphasis on each men’s rough and muscular bodies.

Some bug fixes: unfortunatly seems that the version 1.0.3 was starting to propagate on internet so a lot of users will play with a buggy version.

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