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D’Aquisto (1935-’95) is considered one of the greats.

The power supply is an ASTEC 115/230V Model AA11040.

Seems like an early Apple ][ plus made from an Apple ][ surplus for the European market.

However, like many another famous luthier, there were some periods in his career when D’Aquisto worked with a large company to design guitars intended to be factory-produced.

For D’Aquisto, those companies were Hagstrom and Fender.

Hagstrom reintroduced the original Jimmy, with a slightly more conventional pickguard and pearl block inlays.

Bodies were laminated birch, with a two-piece birch neck flanking a mahogany strip.

Inherited from its first owner André Finot, a french developer (Apple Lena 1).

It has a RF modulator soldered on the motherboard but uses a rarissime ISTC Couleur RVB81 SCART (SECAM) adapter in slot 7 as main video output.

Perhaps we can find who has the earliest and the latest serial numbers once and for all?

This data is collected on the 'honor system' so please don't enter false information- that helps nobody!

The lid/badge and logic board were exchanged with A2 parts.

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