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Witty and ambitious They’ll always come up with something witty to your remarks.

Also, most of the Gujarati girls are ferociously independent.

If anyone is totally nailing this, they’re the Gujarati girls.

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Lavish Gujarati weddings And finally, if all works well and you end up marrying your Gujarati girl, rest assured, your wedding is going to be the most lavish wedding among all your friends.

Always high on energy Be it 4 in the morning or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, your Gujarati girl’s energy level will always be on its peak.

You have the most important interview of your life or your dad just caught you stealing his car, whatever might be your problem, your girl will strike a deal with her God and fix your problem just like that.

Seriously, who doesn’t know that Gujaratis are the best businessmen on earth?

It's not often that you get a chance in one role to do the glamour bit and then strip off all the makeup and reveal the real person beneath the facade.

Usually, it's either a glamorous role or a raw, emotional role.Even if he pretends to eat/lick the non-veg food that you offer, he’ll not tell his parents about it and his excuse will be that he’s just doing that to ‘fit in’. If they’re plain do expect them to be of some hideous shade.8. You’ll spot him either standing at one corner having Coca Cola or doing Dandiya right in the center of the club.You’ll also periodically see him do his classy neck movements when he shakes a leg.4. The internet is ruling the minds but the Gujju won’t come out of his calculator.They have a knack of being something great on their own.Cleanliness freaks They’re fanatic about cleanliness. You no longer have to worry about that one month dirty sock lying in some random corner of your room because she cannot breathe in a dirty room.Worry not, your Gujarati girl will never make you spend a lot on her.

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