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A good groundwater resources assessment of this sudano-sahelian area, is a huge condition for the sustainable management of water resources, which since the part of the 20th century is facing a severe drought that leads to a greater aridity.This article provides a summary with the main elements of carbon isotope (H) coupled with hydrogeological and hydrochemical data.

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First, the interactions between groundwater and clay minerals related to the residence time of groundwater are indicated by a slight evolution of Ca-HCO indicates the anthropogenic influence on groundwater, related to agricultural activities and sanitation conditions.

The carbon-14 activity measured on the TDIC is between 17.29 and 85.47 pm C.

In contrast, subsurface water is not easy to access, and fluxes through subsurface systems are very difficult to measure.

To some extent, subsurface fluxes can be estimated using methods based on the physics of water flow (e.g., numerical modeling of flow systems), but the very large variability of permeability imparts a high uncertainty to the results.

It is the open-system nature of geochemistry in this environment that provides most of its explanatory power, as well as its intellectual challenge.

The fundamental aspects of near-surface geochemistry such as weathering reactions, precipitation of sedimentary minerals, diagenesis, and metamorphic evolution all depend on transport of mass in and out of these systems.

The local characterization of aqueous geochemical reactions is a natural and straightforward extension of classical chemistry.

However, neither the composition nor the evolution of the upper layers of the Earth can be explained by local-scale geochemistry.

It is characterized by a relatively contrasting geomorphology, made up of hill chains to the east and center, and a lowland to the west.

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