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In past years, many of Athens’ male sex workers were from countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and sometimes members of the Roma community.

Recently, they have also included young men from the Middle East and South Asia.

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In the main airport terminal, lit signs for the boarding gates and baggage claims are on, but the entire floor now contains nothing but tents from one end to the other.

People here wait in line for food prepared in a kitchen downstairs and sometimes walk across the highway to the beach to bathe.

A few humanitarian groups come out to help, but they can provide little outside of the most basic services.

About 1,000 of the people living here went on hunger strike recently to protest poor conditions.

This is especially true for people from countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, whose citizenship classifies them in Europe as “economic migrants,” and who for that reason have been stuck in the city longer than most Syrians, who are considered “refugees.”With no money left, some young men sell sex to survive — in Pedion tou Areos, Victoria Square, and various bars and clubs around the city.

In Greece, sex work is legal only in registered brothels. Years of economic hard times have lured more women into prostitution. The male sex trade, on the other hand, is little reported, but it appears to be rising as Greece struggles with its economic and refugee crises.

Most of the people at the airport are from Afghanistan, with a few from Iran.

Abdullah is Afghan but was born in Iran after his parents fled war in their country. He’s tall and handsome, with an open, innocent-looking face.

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