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But if the old country was so great, what are the parents doing in the new country? You tell them if their main goal in life was your finding a traditional Chinese husband, they made a huge error by raising you in the United States.

You explain this diverse society has—to your delight—brought your way a wonderful young man whom you love. A couple years ago my now ex-boyfriend loaned me a large amount of money when I was in a tight spot.

A: The ex-boyfriend has learned the lesson I often preach: Do not loan money to family and friends without being able to accept you may be giving a gift.

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You tell them they don’t have to love him, but they have to treat him with courtesy and respect, and if they can’t, unfortunately that means you will be making yourself scarce. He gave the money without my asking; there was no contract or terms of payment discussed.

I told him I would eventually pay him back, but he also said he realized that when giving me this money he might never see it again.

A: You haven’t heard from him about the money, and he gave it to you as a loan but with the understanding it could be construed as a gift. Whatever you decide to do, I don’t think you should open up discussions with someone you no longer want to speak to.

You need to consider what you feel is your moral obligation, and if that means paying him back, you save the money until you can do it. We are in the same group of friends and avoiding her means avoiding most of my friends.

I will do you the favor of pretending this never happened, and it better never happen again.” Fortunately, your wife gets this, so you two can present a united front. How is it not a “moral obligation” to pay someone back who’s loaned you money?

Presumably, when the flirty wife fails to get a rise out of you, she will move on to another target. What is the “lesson” that she thinks he’ll learn from this: Don’t trust your partners?

My Son Adores His Plus-Size Wife, and My Mother Despises Her: My mother has always had an unreasonable dislike for excess weight.

She hardly eats and harangues her daughters and daughters-in-law each time they have a baby to lose the weight immediately.

I agree that paying it back is the right thing to do. In Love With My Husband’s Brother: I am a 35-year-old woman with a history of abusive relationships.

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