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Norman Orr was the youngest artist of the Fillmore group, hired in 1970, fresh out of high school, and fascinated by the imagery of the American West.

His style combines the essential publicity techniques required to promote the events, with spiritual and political themes.

Donna compiled a manuscript detailing this additional information which she has generously shared.

Should you choose to incorporate any of this information into your own work please credit Donna Jean Ford in your citation.

A typical reference (adapted from Elizabeth Shown Mills, Evidence Explained, p.

495) might be: Donna Jean Ford, "Corrections to Nine Generations of Orrs In America", manuscript, Rambling ( accessed 20 Dec.

Mary, wife of William STEWART, was also alive and probably was the daughter of Arthur the Elder.

This has not been proven other than family tradition, but a Mary ORR and Wm. Co., VA Deed Book ) near a 174 ½ acre tract that Arthur ORR, Sr., bought on (Deed Book 3-535).

The event details fill most of the space, and motifs such as the head of a Native American chief, two bearded guitatists, and a putto with an afro, are incorporated into the poster's design.

The lettering reads, 'Butterfield Blues Band, Buddy Miles, Quatermass, Thursday - Sunday December 17, 18, 19, 20, Lights by Orb, 1970 Poster by Orr, © Bill Graham, Incredible String Band, Monday December 14, Wednesday December 16, An Evening In With Ravi Shankar'.

(No record has been found showing the distribution or settlement of Arthur’s estate.) *** Arthur ORR, the Elder’s, son Arthur was not his sole heir ***Arthur ORR, the Elder’s, son John was still living and resided in Washington Co., VA when Arthur ORR, the Elder, died.

The William ORR (that also signed the above mentioned letter to John Mc GREW) was probably another son of Arthur the Elder.

He was particularly interested in the place of the Native American in American culture, and they became a recurring motif in a number of his posters.

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