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You just have to choose the city you want to know about and an SMS will be sent to you with all the major concerts, theatrical plays, exhibitions taking place in this city.

Modern economy is the result of rapid and successive developments affecting the news.

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In total, you can register up to 10 of your favorite services to your personal menu "ΟΙ ΕΠΙΛΟΓΕΣ ΜΟΥ".

By choosing it from this menu, the corresponding command will be sent automatically to the number you set on step 5 and you will immediately receive the information you want.

Every member of the room will be notified about your exit by an SMS.

Besides the public rooms, you can also create your own private chat room and invite the members you wish.

To do this, it is necessary to be an active member of the chat service.

It is very easy to create your own chat room: Create your own chat room, by sendingfor your own chat room then your chat room will be deleted and all its members will be notify by an SMS.

Find out the current value of the shares that interest you.

You just have to type the code of the share that interests you and you will immediately receive an SMS with the information you requested.

Do you want to know everything that happens in Athens and Thessaloniki?

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