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I don't agree with all of Cloud's advice, and his tone can be a bit flippant, but he acknowledges the seldom-addressed dating drought in Christian circles.

I also found this very helpful to me personally because, as I said above, there were some questions that I just too afraid to ask…and the question of boundaries was one of them.

I didn’t want others to think I was trying to get away with as much as possible when in reality I didn’t know how to establish healthy boundaries.

It’s a popular belief that finding a suitable partner is the hardest part of online dating, but if there’s something particular that you’re looking for in a relationship – such as someone who shares your religious beliefs – then it can be a little easier thanks to a number of websites dedicated to a wide variety of interests.

But even if you do find someone who could be your true soulmate who also shares your creed, that doesn’t mean that dating will be a breeze.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of educational materials available for purchase.

There are books for god-fearing couples on creating lasting connections, ensuring passionate communication and the key to a happy marriage.

These books offer a different perspective and help singles live out this season of singleness joyfully surrendered over to God’s call and His plan. Here at Cassidy's Heart, these three passions collide.

It is my goal and my heart's desire to lift Jesus high, take care of your soul, and provide you with the resources you need to create your own Jesus-magnifying platform. Looking forward to checking out these recommendations.

Most people never realize that loneliness is a gift from God.

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