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deals in all aspects of Land Management including the Sub-Surface.Western Nebraska historically has been known for its Conventional Oil reserves dating back to the 1950’s and is still a top shallow producing areas in the United States.

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This was probably one of the largest loss of lives on Bermuda triangle. Theories such as methane gas blow out below the ocean causing ships to sink, electronic fog engulfing an aircraft and taking it to unknown zone, hurricanes destroying aircraft, and several other such theories try to explain such cases.

So, are these incidents actually caused by Bermuda triangle phenomena?

In a shocking incident of 1945, a whole bunch of five training flights that took off from Florida naval base under the leadership of an experienced captain, never returned to the base.

All are clueless as to what may have happened to it.

The three golden points of Indias most popular cultural trail are New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in Rajasthan.

But convert the Triangle to 3D and you have a pyramid of prestige, from palaces to places of worship, exquisite artforms and epicurean excellence.Mineral owners can execute Oil and Gas Leases for bonus money, receive Royalty’s from oil produced, and minerals are great for leaving to family members for future oil production. provides our clients with both Surface and Mineral Consulting Services that focus on mineral ownership determination, mineral valuation, land acquisition and is up on the current lease plays in the region.View all of our Land Management Services that can help you maximize the value of you land and allow us to present our Rural Marketing Plan that can help Farmers and Ranchers buy and sell quick and easy.1812 - Theodosia Burr Alston was the daughter of former United States Vice President Aaron Burr.Her disappearance has been cited at least once in relation to the Triangle.“Min Reports” identify the mineral owners, the amount of interest owned, and if the minerals can be reverted back to the surface owner.

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