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Seriously, I think the Apex unit along with an HRED and lowering the ejection port will cure my G19.The thing cycles fine..jams ever and it hits where I want it..only problem is the ejection. - brickboy240Hot brass on the forehead and down the collar is not fun. went out last weekend with 2 boxes of Federal fmjs and still got 2-3 hits to the head with brass as usual! LOL If I could solve my ejection problems..G19 would be my favorite 9mm. The problem got worse at around the 700 round mark. I ordered the 30274 ejector from LWD yesterday and will try it out when it arrives. The earliest serial # I have heard of or read about having issues were in the M-- prefixes.PAK PAH NXP NUX NUT NUS NSR NSN NPC If you want another model call them 770-432-1202.

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The really odd thing is that the angle of ejection changes from shot to shot even if I use the same ammo from the same box in the same mag. G34 SNF### from 3/2012 500 rounds - one case to the forehead out of every three or so mags. ), as I have a PEPxxx G17 RTF2 that is performing like a champ.... An occaisonal empty to the forehead but nothing consistent. It does shoot left, but new heinie sights and trigger job should take care of that.....:dance3: It is my understanding that glock gen3 had problems about 2010.

Some barely dribble out, some go over my shoulder, some go to 3-4 o'clock and 2-3 per mag go straight to the forehead. I called glock and was given this list of prefixs before 2010 for the G17.

So far so good last few trips to the range, we'll see what happens! It has an extractor with no dip on the top but has casting sprue marks. I'm also running it with a minus connector and a NY1 spring, and an earlier NOS non-dogleg G17 triggerbar (i.e., with a smooth trigger face).

Just realized that we're speaking of Gen 3's only, please disregard my post. Best, Jon My stock G19 purchased new with SSZ *** serial number has ejection issues. I first shot approximately 30 rounds of 115 gr Federal with the slide not locking to the rear, which I believe is the result of an improper grip.

Still kind of weak ejection, but that's sort of to be expected in a Glock. On another note, I'd like to see if anyone here has had problems with Gen3 Glocks with prefix before P**. I've seen numerous posts here about pre P prefix guns performing flawlessly which doesn't surprise me at all.

Also, some people have had moderate round count guns with P-prefix and R-prefix guns which have functioned fine.From what I can tell, everything before P seems to be ok.Sorry to bump an older thread but I may have a chance to get a used Gen 3 G19 for a good price and was wondering if someone could provide a sample/fake Glock serial # so I could know what to look for or avoid. but I don't even know what exactly you're referring to, not being a Glock guy (as of right now anyway). The three letter prefix is related to the first three letters/numbers that make up the serial number.check in the glock extraction issue thread towards the bottom of the page, Pg 37, Member by the name of Ed L.has pics of a Gen2 G17 that was pelting him with emptys.. Model 17, PMK prefix, erratic ejection, brass to the forehead once out of a few thousand rounds. I have the latest RSA and also had Glock install the new ejector. Consistent extraction except for one brass to the face. SDA prefix G19 performs flawlessly; however, IMMEDIATELY upon arrival I replaced the dip/MIM extractor with a NOS cast LCI ejector (and concurrently swapped out the OEM slide stop with the Glock extended slide stop/release).dealers would surely going to get pissed off with PG members!!

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