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Add This QQ Group and contact VC, Dodo or Kerisa Foreigner Learning Chinese (178280451) More Information: Entry Restricted To be able to participate in this QTalk-room you MUST: 1) Have a microphone & Speak (Speak and participate in the group) 2) Change your screen name into the format: 【Language level】English name ~ Country 【Not-Student】English name ~ Country 3) Send a Private message to an Admin when you have fulfilled these steps MOTTO: Quality NOT Quantity Hi everyone!

I'd like to improve my Chinese and in exchange I'm willing to help you with your English.

My QQ ID is: 2245654715 My Skype ID is: Falconandeagle2 My name is Mohamed Khan I live in Guyana South America, I am an Agriculturist by profession, I also owned an operate a Night Club, I am very fluent in English, I also know some Spanish. I looking for friend who can share they time and chat with me. SO, IWAN TO LEARN ENGLISH WITH YOU, AND IF YOU NEED A CHINESE SPEAKING PARTNER. On my way from Hangzhou to Guangzhou i'll be glad communicate with Chinese.... I am engaged in freelance interpreter,tour guide etc.

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My email address is [email protected][email protected] mohamedkhan61 I am a male and interested in Chinese females. I also hope to find and make some nice friends here in life MSN: [email protected]: xiaogaizhi Mob:0086-13250280121 QQ:1397873144 我在QT语音房间【3110393】 【☆ Speake Rs Corne R ☆】 Language Xchange voice chat community.

Anyone who is interested in me can contact me or add me at these email contact. Hi Anyone wants to practice English and also could teach me Chinese can add me up. My qq no is : 2382543060 Skype: vnahata87 Tc Adios Hello, guys I'm a university student from Hubei Province, China who majors in English and wish to practice oral English with you, my friends. You can join us studying Chinese-English on QQ Talk.... More info: [] Hi Anyone wants to practice English and also could teach me Chinese can add me up. My qq no is : 2382543060 Skype: vnahata87 Tc Adios hi how are you my name is phoenix.i am a chinese boy live in guangzhou china,hope to exchange language.

I live in Sweden, North Europe, and I'd love to make new friends from this forum. QQ: 2491748360 /Janet Hi, I'm Sylvia, a 23-year-old Chinese girl working in Beijing. We can go out to have coffee or tour, I can teach you Chinese, and you can make my English better. I have a very good friend named Viktor who's new here.

I'd love to make friends with native English speakers, to improve my English and also, meet new friends. He's a Swedish born Taiwanese and have just registered a QQ account.

To contact each girls, just click on one of the Skype buttons and enter your Skype name to log-in the website (and go to the authentification process).

List of US Beautiful Girls Skype ID You can get US English Girls Skye id List and make real friends in your real Life.

OR leave your contact information ~ Glad hear from you soon ... I am originally from India and I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Malaysia. I have achieved an IELTS score of 8.5 and I can speak fluent English. I STUDIED PSYCHOLOGY IN THE UNIVERCITY, AND NOW WORKING IN A HIGH SCHOOLE. I want to make friends with chinese speaking people.

I am looking for a serious language exchange partner. I WANT TO GET THE AUTHENTICATION OF IPA, TO BE A TEACHER OF CHINESE. soon i'll be landed in Hangzhou...5 th of May 2012....after move to Guangzhou... I speak english and some spanish and can read some other romantic languages. MSN: [email protected]: 2244058717 Hi friends,this is shirley living in Guangzhou.

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