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’” All of those hobbies and interests you spent time cultivating in your youth? Yes, talking to a man at a party is hard, but talking to a man while you’re doing an activity you feel comfortable doing is easier.

So get extra mileage out of them by joining clubs, going on trips, taking classes, and following through on your hobbies in new ways that allow you to meet new men you might want to date.

“Search for people who meet your criteria and really read their emails.” But here’s the mistake a lot of women, shy or not, make on dating sites: don’t leave all the grunt work to the gentlemen. It might make you nervous, but think how much easier it is to write a message than to walk up to a stranger and strike up a conversation.

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And, as Pina points out, “Eventually, you’re going to marry someone you’re dating.” Don’t get into what she calls “panic mode” by dating the wrong people over and over and then marrying whomever you’re dating when you’re ready to have children.

“You want a relationship that will be fulfilling and a positive model for the children you have,” she says.

Being able to define who you are, where your values lie, and what sort of man you to attract will help any shy girl gain confidence.

And when you’re confident, you’re much better equipped to make good dating decisions.

“You have to get away from the emails and texts to an actual meeting,” says Pina. It’s important not to waste months or even years on someone who’s not going to materialize into a commitment.” And once you finally go on that date, what do you talk about?

Don’t worry, the answer to that question is actually really easy: “What you’re passionate about,” says Pina.

“Get out of your routine and get around like-minded people.

It’s important not to be narrow-minded about what kind of social doors you’re opening.” Even if you go to a social function and think nobody there is a good match, Pina suggests keeping an open mind: “Even if that right person isn’t in the group, you never know who you’ll meet who can introduce you to someone else. Everybody wants to be the person to say, ‘I introduced you to your husband!

“Something I’ve often observed about shy women is that they’re prone to observation,” says Pina.

That means rather than take action, these shy women hang back and watch to see if the perfect guy enters stage right.

“Get online and get on at least one dating website,” Pina says.

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