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As far as interest in international travel, the ghetto person is probably the one who speaks of Africa like it’s a country, or maybe that dude who wants to go to Brazil only because he thinks a porno shoot will break out when he leaves the airport. Other features of the decor make you think a barber pole just threw up on its walls and tables after having too many Friday’s drinks.

Foreign foods get Americanized partially due to ghetto people who need to be spoon fed stuff. Crowd consists of wannabe fat cat cigar smokers, the motorcycle club delegation (often Ruff Ryders), mutant looking females in the building to test drive the hair they just got done…for Friday’s of all places. You know how you see somebody and you just KNOW they been drekkin’?

Might be time to cut back on the Too Short just a scosche.) Funny thing is this has another effect.

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This author sees you who was invited to hang out, got in the car immmediately fiending for a drink way too early in the day, and when the decision is made to play along, cop some drink and make lemons into the lemonade of laughs, you pass on sharing brew, wine, even Hennessy, in favor of satisfying your suspect Cisco fetish. Your flipping the script and suddenly needing a drop-off immediately afterward to go babysit your friend’s child was addition by subtraction. This author agrees that the hood is crawling with cuties, in every Sentra, on every bus bench, at every swap meet, stopping at the liq store for drinks on Friday night, wherever; plenty of sexy young slimmies (and sometimes fatties! This fact has caused the hood dudes (and the lesbians) to lose their minds when it comes to getting after it.

Matter of fact, calling these drinking situations ghetto is an insult to the term “ghetto.” Nah, it’s just flat out trifling. Author’s note: This entry coming up as #40 was purely coincidental…not. Thirsty to turn out someone’s sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife…grandmother? A lot of these ghetto superhoes will flirt with anything that walks at any time.

Ghetto people tend to be threatened by worlds that are foreign to them.

So she’s likely to slur him in a culturally insensitive manner and send him packing…as if how he’s living is beneath her.

And I don’t buy that one is expanding his mind when he’s doing dummy moves to begin with (the drink of choice being Thunderbird spiked with a Kool-Aid packet doesn’t help his case). Cell phones, business cards, little scraps of paper and pens are always kept ready–maybe even the old school little black book–for that phone number that will make a day. Hey, closed mouths don’t get fed, but it is a good idea to curb that hunger depending on situations.

(Really…tryna bag the court reporter when you’re a defendant?Trust, it’s no coincidence that Snoop Pearson was a fan favorite on The Wire.These are the girls who were reaching for the Tonka trucks instead of the Barbies at Toys R Us.Quite tomboyish up to middle school, they usually go full-bore and come out around tenth grade. They dress baggier and saggier than dudes, they get crustier smoker lips than dudes, they style their hair in cornrows and “dreads” more often than dudes (as well as straight women), and they’re getting in all the hood activities ghetto dudes are known for.Even competing with straight males for the available pool of single ghetto women (see future post).(Gotta be able to back it up when you ask “But do you got mo’ hoes den me?

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