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Not a word was mentioned about this between the two of us for weeks afterward, until one night, after we had gone out for some beers, we ended up back at my room.He brought up our little session, mentioning he'd like to try it again sometimes.He agreed, and from that point on we had nightly sessions on top of the sheets looking at each other go at it from across the room.

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German masturbation webcam boston

As we were studying, I noticed that his penis had flopped out of his shorts and was clearly visible.

This caused me to get a very noticeable erection, and when I stood up at one point I saw him looking right at it. Taking a chance, I reached over and grabbed his erection.

One day late in the fall was an "Indian summer" day and I was expecting him over that evening for a tutoring session.

My window faced the west and my room was at least 85 degrees when he arrived.

I found I had spare time and started to tutor a couple of students as well in order to get a little extra "beer money." One of the students, a sophomore at the time, had taken a particular liking to me, and we soon became close friends.

We usually had the tutoring sessions in my dorm room.He sort of froze for a second, then lay back and undid his shorts and let me masturbate him.I undid my shorts, exposing myself, and he in turn started to masturbate me.Over that two-year period I began to realize that I had no desire to be with or have sex with women, and I began to wonder if I was gay.My senior year I transferred to another college and was lucky to get one of the few single rooms available in an all-seniors dormitory.Five minutes into that session he reached over and started to fondle me.

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