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Hopefully for Scorpio and Gemini compatibility, Gemini will learn quickly not to provoke the Sorcerer’s wrath for fun, however. When these two do understand one another, it’s a deeply loyal relationship, albeit it one which tends to swing from highs to lows.Stability doesn’t really figure into it, but if this couple break up they’ll be quick to make up….before breaking up again.Now a Geminis also has a better poker face as they last longer then Scorpios as Geminis represent login and Scorpios represent emotion meaning a gemini wouldn't give out easily.

The other major issue for these two to face is jealousy.

With the possible exception of Taurus, no sign is more jealous and possessive than Scorpio – and Gemini is the undeniable flirt of the zodiac.

The problem for this complicated couple is getting either side to have the patience to get past the initial teething troubles of the relationship.

If they do, the zodiac’s resident Sorcerer can benefit hugely from having the Communicator’s assistance, and the Communicator will find spice and magic added to their words by the Sorcerer’s expertise.

Gemini, the Twins are quite complex in nature and trying to understand how their minds work will give one a headache.

Ruled by Mercury, winged messenger of the Gods, these people take on life at full speed and prefer to go where the wind blows.Not many rainbows and gentle showers for these two – more of a tropical storm with destructive forces at work.This is a relationship which can work, almost in spite of itself, but these two will take potentially a long time to figure one another out.The differences between the two signs are obvious if we look at their sociability – or lack of it.Private and intense Scorpio is a bit of a loner, but Gemini loves to be surrounded by people.Life is one big adventure for them so they need to be out and about to be at their best.

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