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15% of respondents have had at least one long-term relationship and 6% have had both short- and long-term relationships.

52% of respondents said they have never had a relationship with anyone they had met via an app.

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Most dating app users reported that they date guys they meet through the apps, at least occasionally.

Grindr stood out as the app that was most likely to result in date, with 31% of Grindr users reporting that using the app gets them at least one date a month.

Just 21% of Tinder, Planet Romeo and Grindr users reported having had a short-term relationship (up to a year) with someone they had met through the app.

Overall, 27% of respondents said they have had at least one short-term relationship with someone they had met through any of the gay dating apps they use.

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Despite the overlap in communities, users are generally satisfied with the number of guys using each app.

Overall, 23% of all dating app users said someone via an app at least monthly, and a further 48% occasionally.

Finding love via a gay dating app appears to be far more difficult.

The survey was conducted online by Gay Star News, Travel Gay Asia and Travel Gay Europe during October and November 2016. 38% of respondents live in Europe, 27% in North America, 24% in Asia, 5% in Oceania and 3% each in South America and Africa.

Other than the results of which apps people use, we have excluded apps from results where the total number of responses for that app was less than 100.

Blued, a dating app used mostly in China and with a growing community in South East Asia, scored particularly well.

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