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And then there’s “traumatic succession planning.” …

Read more at It stands to reason: The better educated a region is, the better its economy performs and the better its businesses do.

I was also deeply involved in the marketing of the awards program and the event that went with it.

“Every year since 1991, Crain’s Detroit Business has honored 40 professionals in Southeast Michigan who have made their marks before age 40.

“The last time I checked, in total, it was around 150. Continue reading With the recession well in the rearview, many companies are bracing for problems that occur when the economy is healthy, such as the big decision to increase pay.

Duke University‘s Fuqua School of Business and recently published results of an outlook survey of 547 U. companies, and it showed that 70 percent as of March expected to increase wages at least 3 percent in the next 12 months. Silence on job postings told Southfield phone service company it was time for raises For Warren streetlight maker, it paid to plan for raises Real estate business compensates to fend off auto firms 8 things to think about before giving employees a raise Robert Bowen CFO Awards 2015 Winner, nonprofit In the long history of the Detroit Institute of Arts, it would be hard to find a period any shakier than the one it just went through.

The long-term nature of education reform necessitates relationship building, just as it is with most business-related endeavors. I made mistakes, too,” said Monique Sasser, owner of Nikki’s Ginger Tea. Read more at Salvia never disputed that he owed his employees the money; he disputed the contention that he willfully avoided paying them.

A determination that he willfully wronged his employees would mean paying damages. “I will pay what I should pay, but not triple damages.” …This year’s winners launched successful companies, grew established firms, took on high-pressure projects and gave a hand to those in the community.” — Full coverage at Anyone who craves predictability probably shouldn’t become an entrepreneur.Besides the inherent risk of failure that any business carries, running a company offers many opportunities to be blindsided by even the seemingly most astute decisions.“He and I had four arguments in 13 years working together.I formally resigned in two, and he offered me a buyout in two,” Schnieders said. Read more at There’s succession planning, which handles all the big-picture questions of who will own and lead a company someday.But he and Suzi didn’t put their idea for a food business on the shelf.

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