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From riding in on the white dog statue to the room to Joey actually busting down the door, these two really know how to enter a room.

Add to that their in-sync movements and funny jokes and you have a recipe for a good episode.

is one of the most beloved TV shows of all time, and the best moments from its 10-season run rank up there with the best in the history of television.

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The story of six friends trying to make it through adulthood and the dating scene while remaining sane still gets plenty of laughs over twenty years after the pilot released.

While the entire cast of characters brings something new to the table, I want to talk about Joey and Chandler.

Joey and Chandler were close; so close in fact, that they were often in sync.

Whether it is giving the iconic double thumbs up or throwing up an ‘L’ sign together, these two are pros at letting people know how they feel with gestures.

Joey and Chandler knew that honesty was the best policy, even if it took a couple of tries to get their thoughts out.

They supported each other when it mattered most, and that was what helped sell their relationship.

These two roommates had each other’s backs and were friendship goals long before hashtags were even a thing.

Joey and Chandler were the drama free comedy kings of was confirmed, the gang all went to Vegas to enjoy one last night of complete anonymity before the show aired.

Even more frustrating — their pairing came called this relationship plot line a "gross misfire," counting this episode among the weirdest in Friends history.

Luckily, not long after the kiss that fans can't unsee, writers realized their folly and split Rachel and Joey up, eventually reuniting Ross and Rachel (and baby Emma) in the series finale.

While things were usually goofy and silly around Joey and Chandler, they did know how to discuss their emotions in a healthy way.

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