Friends reunitrd dating

The two quickly began dating soon after, and in one notable scene in the anime/manga, the two kissed in Takumi's AE86 Trueno.

Soon afterwards, Natsuki felt the urge to break off her relationship with her Papa and pursue a relationship with Takumi.

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Takumi, watching from his car in the parking lot, witnessed the two exit the restaurant and both enter a white Mercedes.

Enraged, Takumi cuts contact with Mogi and begins avoiding her.

She later contacts him and clears up the misunderstanding, and decides to remain friends.

She later organises a surprise party at his house on Christmas with Bunta Fujiwara, Takumi's father, much to his shock, and they have a small party.

However, he began receiving letters behind her back about her, detailing on how she is dating an older man driving a white Mercedes.

She invited her Papa to a small family restaurant in the night, and formally broke her relationship off with him.

Their appearance also contradicts rumors of a feud that have followed the pair for months, despite the fact that they seem to get along just fine.

As royals expert Katie Nicholl told in March, the catfight gossip is exaggerated—the two are simply "quite different women." They might not have tons in common when they first met, aside from the fact that they were in love with princes, but they've seemed to have bonded more in recent months.

Case in point: At a recent polo match, they had a laugh with their kids.

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