Friend for dating

The feature will be available only in countries where Facebook has rolled out its Dating service, including Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Argentina, and Mexico, as well as 14 new countries in Asia and South America introduced today.

If you don’t already have a Dating profile, you can’t receive Secret Crush notifications.

Facebook says it won’t use data from Dating or Secret Crush to make content or advertising decisions.

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Think of it like matching on Tinder or Bumble, except you get to hand-pick the specific friends you want to date ahead of time, instead of hoping their profiles show up in the queue. If the feelings are only one-sided, the unrequited lover’s identity remains secret.

The object of their affection is then left to wonder who may have a crush on them, with no way to find out.

Secret Crush will help give Facebook an advantage over competing dating apps, which can’t similarly leverage information about your existing friendships.

Tinder is great if you want to meet someone outside your social circle, but it doesn’t offer a direct mechanism to connect you with those you already know in real life.

One of Facebook’s oldest social media competitors, Friendster, introduced a similar feature way back in 2012.

The dating site Good Crush, first launched at Princeton University in 2007, also had a nearly identical premise.

One WIRED staffer who used Good Crush in college reported they and their best friend “spent a full semester fucking with another friend through this service.” But Secret Crush will likely be great for engagement purposes.

Using Facebook to scroll through baby photos may be a snooze, but who doesn’t want to find out that someone has a crush on them?

“All activity that occurs in FB Dating stays in FB Dating and will not be shared externally,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an email.

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