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With the help of my trusty pink crayon, I’m going to explain how the “OMG!Looks What Happens When DAUGHTER and FATHER Meet on CHAT ROULETTE!! First, you see a message looking something like the following on Facebook, posted by one of your friends: Tempted to click?

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They might show you an image of an alleged father and daughter meeting on Chat Roulette, but chances are they’ll also try to make you complete a revenue-generating survey via CPALead too. If you’ve been hit by a scam like this, remove references to it from your newsfeed, and revoke the right of rogue applications to access your profile via If you’re a member of Facebook and want to learn more about security threats you should join the thriving community on the Sophos Facebook page.

Oh, and in the meantime, your Facebook profile has now blasted out the spam message to all of your online friends as well – thus spreading the scam virally. Do you think Facebook is doing enough to stamp out survey scams like this, or is it the fault of the Facebook users themselves?

You can simply change the whole look and feel of your chatting experience.

Whether you are running the Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, Chatroulette is truly multiplatform.

There is virtually no lag when using Chatroulette due to its use of instant connections over Stratus. Chatroulette is also behind the Speed Chat function on popular dating sites. The Chatroulette code makes it easier for users to filter users by gender, camera only chats, country, age and more.

Take advantage of features, such as My Filter, Auto Start, Nicknames, Auto Next Auto Connect and many more, to make the most of your chat experience.

If you find this idea appealing – the following list is well worth your looking over!

Choose any app to your liking and download it on your device!

Now you have a fantastic oppotunity to do this with a variety of applications for Android and IOS.

Not only can you write messages to the person you are talking to, but you also see each other and have a real-time talk!

Do you ever want to have a talk with somebody or make new friends?

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