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I don't have that big of a tract but I'm surrounded mostly by park service land and the other neighboring properties are very large tracts.I'm essentially alone out here and the views are grand indeed. She was a tad bit heavier than the last time I'd seen her, which she wore well.

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Tears rolled down her cheeks as her arms went around my waist and her head buried into my chest.

The next few days passed remarkably quickly and easily.

I let the outside naturalize so that there's not very much to do in terms of yard work, so I have plenty of free time these days to do whatever I want.

I'll admit that many days I never get dressed, at all.

Indeed, her figure in a bathing suit at the coast had given me fodder for fantasy more than a few times over the years, and the version I was seeing outside my house now was an even better version. It's great to see you, in spite of the circumstances." "Oh, Ed, it sure is good." As Callie stepped up onto the porch she came to me, pressed her body against mine with her arms around me and hugged me long and closely.

I had to shift a bit to keep my growing erection from pressing against her tummy.Roaming around the house or even outside fully nude has always been a pleasure for me and I am afforded that pleasure just about all the time now days.I got a call one morning and the number showing on the caller ID looked vaguely familiar. I'm on the road now and I thought that if you would let me stay with you for a while, at least until I got myself together, it sure would be appreciated." "Oh, Callie, I'm sorry to hear that, but of course you are welcome here for as long as you need." She had never been to my place but once and that was several years ago when I was still part of that family, so I gave her directions how to get here and told her I'd see her in a couple of hours. I'd even set up an office at home and worked there three days a week. The house and bank account were little compensation for the lonely days and nights, especially since I'd moved up the corporate ladder a bit and was able to delegate work to others.They hadn't had a sex life in several years, which didn't bother Callie seeing as how Bobby was so obnoxious most of the time.

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