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The Remote Click2Call is basically the same; it allows you to place calls from a non-Broadvoice device for reduced prices (as they are charged extra).

As Broadvoice’s residential pricing plans are intended for smaller scale use, there is no need to talk about whether you can have toll-free, local, true 800 or vanity numbers.

The account contains your contact list where you can assign speed dial numbers to certain names and check out the call logs related thereto.

Thanks to the online faxing option, you are able to send and receive faxes with the latter being able to send the faxes directly to your voicemail, where they can be opened and downloaded.

Speaking of the voicemail; it lets you view and listen to your voicemails, plus you can set it up to receive email notifications whenever you receive a call or voicemail from a specific number.

Broadvoice also thinks of those people who have internet connection issues: it already saves as many data traffic as possible, but if that’s not enough, all you have to do is go to the settings and lower the bandwidth.

For instance, if you make or receive calls using the app, you can record the conversations and send them to any email address you like.

You can even choose from over 20 ringtones thus differentiating your Broadvoice calls from the regular ones.Aside from that, there are some pretty intelligent features not present with the competition.You can make calls simultaneously, even by using the 3-way conference call feature or by taking advantage of a second line free of charge (meaning two calls can be made at the same time).However, despite the above disadvantage that Broadvoice has, this company possesses a huge advantage compared to business Vo IP providers: you don’t have to pay a nickel for porting your number from another phone company.Furthermore, not too many companies can tell that they provide the option to make conference calls, as well as a second line allowing customers to use the same phone number for free.The best thing, however, is that you don’t even need a desk phone to make your calls: your computer or your mobile phone can work as a softphone.

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