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The number of those with mortgages went down between 20, and for all the headlines about Victorian terraced houses now going for seven figures one of the most striking sights is the two homeless Somalis who have lived on the bench outside Tooting Library for three years now.

et Tooting retains the grit that other gentrified London neighbourhoods have sacrificed – which is partly why Lonely Planet chose it.

The long-established curry houses have not been pushed out by the pop-ups.

I moved to Oxford – when Brideshead fever was well and truly over.

I even briefly rented a flat above a joke shop with a reinforced steel door in Portobello Road – before Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant transformed Notting Hill.

Predictably, there has been some jealous sneering at why a place that dates back to the Domesday Book but is usually best known as the location for the BBC’s 1970s sitcom Citizen Smith or Channel 4’s 24 Hours in A&E should have received this accolade.

Our most recognised piece of architecture may be a portly statue of Edward VII, but Tooting can take on better-known tourist hotspots and win any time.

“Tooting is getting the recognition it deserves,” says Allin-Khan.

“I was lucky enough to grow up in Tooting and am now raising my young family in this vibrant and diverse part of south London.” “There’s a fantastic community spirit that would be hard to replicate,” agrees Houghton.

Tooting is even hosting its first vegan festival tomorrow.

For those who have been here for a decade, it’s been a radical change to see the local gin still and craft beer pop-ups nestle amid the ever-present Primarks and poundshops.

Where there was once a pool table, now there is a stack of Pilates mats.

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