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While he fucked her, my father and I played with her breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples again just to hear her squeal.

As he inserted it, she bucked and reached out for him to stop.

"Please don't she gasped." But he kept inserting it inch by inch.

"Hello, I'm a friend of Barbara's are you her mother? She can't come to the phone at the moment 'cause she's giving oral sex to a man more than twice her age and somebody else has his penis all the way up her rectum, but if you'll wait just a moment, I'll get her to say hello." Dad pulled out and had her jerk him off with her hand so that he shot into her face. I'm gonna put her back on the phone now and she's gonna tell you what we did to her with a vibrator." He handed the phone to Barbara and quietly told her what he wanted her to say.

Joe handed her the phone and said, "Honey either get your mom to meet us someplace and help us out, or you got a long tiring night ahead." I stopped moving while she spoke. They want you to meet them somewhere so you can help me. OK then I'll pick you up at the mall south parking lot in ten minutes. "Hello Mother, they made me cum about eight times by jerking it in and out of me and I had to suck them all and I deep throated one guy. My father and I took turns with Barbara for about forty-five minutes until we heard Joe's van park out front.

As each textured patch entered her and moved its way inside, she gasped and hung her head back, open mouthed, in a silent scream. Barbara was having the first of many super orgasms he would induce. Just let me get cleaned up." Joe grabbed her by her long, shining hair, now spotted with cum, and began to drag her toward the bathroom.

Carefully, with the thing still running inside of her, we turned her around so she faced the seat back of the couch and we faced her ass. "I'm gonna douche you out and reem your ass with my own special tool. A little sorer maybe, but good 'n clean." As he walked her down the hall we heard him say filthy things to her, about her face, her body, her odor and exactly what he planned to do to her.

Dad asked me to withdraw the vibrator very, very slowly but said I should jerk it back in once in a while to keep her surprised. She wailed and begged and he kept walking her until we heard the door slam shut.

I did as I was told and she trembled through four more huge climaxes in the time it took me to playfully remove the dildo from her body. About ten minutes later they came back to the living room.

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