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Bot: I was taught that czesc means how are you in Polish. Say "ON THIS DAY" to show the history of the current day or enter a date in the format "month day" eg "JANUARY 23", "MARCH 07" to display the history of a specific date.

Bot: According to my records, the UK number one hit single on 16th / September / 2003 was Black Eyed Peas - "Where Is The Love? This file will need amending each time there is a new number one, so keep checking back for updates. It's mostly English facts but feel free to amend them for whatever happened in your country.

Free AIML Files from Mitsuku Creator Square Bear a.k.a.

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It's just a bit of fun, some of the user's responses are pretty funny once they realise what's happening.

A (very) basic battle type game similar to those you see in Dungeons and Dragon type games. A function that allows a Pandorabot to compare two values to see if they are the same. Human: Learn Dr Wallace is an AI expert Bot: Ok I will learn that Dr Wallace is an AI expert.

Allows your bot to convert any number from 0 to 255 into binary. Thanks to Ciprian Murariu for including the formatting.

A bit geeky perhaps but you will be surprised at what a chatbot gets asked. You can't split or take insurance like a casino but everything else is there. Last update: 25th January 2012 The bot can work out your age if you tell it what year you were born. This may display incorrectly for flash enabled bots.

Works out the day of the week from any date between 17. If you get your bot to drop a few hints every now and then that the password is "zbert", people will soon pick up on it.

The users can also ask "how many warnings do I have" to check on their status. A load of "yo mamma" type jokes for when the user starts insulting the bot's mother. It's surprising how many people try to "reformat" the bot.

If anyone wants to finish it, it is nearly complete and just needs a game over when the lives hit zero, as well as many more puzzles. You will need to amend the first few categories to get it to work with your bot's birthday. A version of the dice game Yahtzee by Milton Bradley games.

It will also give the chatter some facts about what happened on that day in history too if you upload my file to your bot. Same as whatday_eng but more suitable for the US bots who format the date as mm/dd/yyyy.

Update: I have amended this file so it can learn languages like this: Human: Do you speak Polish? Just add addinsult to the start of any categories such as "f*** off", "will you have sex with me" or any other categories you don't want your users saying.

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