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If you live in one of the cities that Citymapper covers (New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Seoul, Tokyo, São Paulo, Moscow, etc.), chances are, it’ll give you the fastest, most comprehensive list of choices for getting around on public transportation. It unifies every event into one interface, and handles changes easily.And unlike Apple’s Calendar, Fantastical will even put your scheduled reminders next to your other events.It's a noticeable upgrade from what comes standard on an i Phone.

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FREEReddit is one of the world's most popular resources for perusing the internet, but doing so on your phone can be a bit of a chore.

But Apollo uses i OS design guidelines to create a Reddit reading experience that feels tailor-made for your device. BUYSome default apps on i Phone get the job done, but Apple's calculator is woefully deficient if you need to something more advanced that your most basic calculations.

Buy Smartphones, especially the i Phone, are designed to be beautiful and intuitive.

They’re meant to hide stuff like CPU processing speed ratings from us. is a web of regulations, all of which means that there are few options for doing this outside of using speakerphone and a dedicated recorder.

Free The spiritual successor to the much-missed Vine app, Tik Tok has become an internet sensation after only one year in the app store.

It's algorithm-powered discovery engine makes the app incredibly addictive and its audience is as creative as those who made Vine their social media channel of choice.

This app promises to help you take control of your data from sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Alexa, and more.

This app doesn't just tell you what is a threat but also explains Free You never know when disaster strikes, and you need to help bandage a wound or even save a life.

FREEThere are a lot of note-taking apps out there, but Bear is our favorite.

With a variety of tools offering tons of flexibility for whatever you need a note-taking app for (along with easy export), Bear is beautifully designed for the i Phone and will quickly take up a prominent place on your home screen.

Simply point the phone in any direction, and your display will show you the names of the stars and planets that you can see.

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