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Create a business plan for your chat line operator business.

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Use the following transitions to smoothly transfer a customer to the appropriate team member.

Suggesting transfer Unfortunately, I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to accommodate your request.

Unfortunately, there are times when a customer’s request simply not addressable.

If trying to figure out the right words to deny a customer’s request has you scratching your head, here’s a little known secret: don’t use the word “no.” It may sound tricky, but we’ve provided you with quality alternatives to soften the blow.

You can usually get information about both from the department of licenses and inspections or a similar organization in your jurisdiction.

For example, in Houston, Texas, you can contact the One Stop Business Center for licensing and business name information.

Order the telephone lines you need from a 900 or 800 number company.

If you order 900 numbers, you will have to pay an upfront, per-line fee and a monthly fee, but the telephone company will charge your callers for each minute they spend on your line.

If you are the sole operator, this means you will have to accept fewer calls as you are starting out, and some callers may become annoyed if they cannot reach you right away.

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