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They will charge you and punch you in your kneecaps while screaming random words. Scientists suggest that when walking through cold, snowy mountains that you wear kneepads, to prevent a Mad Dwarf attack.

they are common and have killed over 5,000 people, and six wolves.

It occurs in all races and with equal frequency in males and females, and affects about one in every 40,000 children (this was the most conservative estimate available).

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They have large cave-like homes that they build large fires in where they roast what they have killed that day, and eat it.

Mad Dwarves have been known to be-friend bears, this may worry some people, but you should not worry, due to the fact bears will not attack you unless they are hungry. Even if you climb a tree, they will cut down the tree.

Dwarves are known to enjoy riding Honda Civics, yes i mean riding, like sitting on top of the car and yelling at it in Dwarfish, waiting for it to move.

This event is commonly seen In New York, Moscow, Beijing, and Sydney.

Drawback: You suffer all the drawbacks of being one size category smaller than what is normal for your race (worse bull rush, grapple, overrun, & trip checks, use smaller weapons, and lower lifting and carrying limits).

Your movement speed is also reduced by 5 feet per round.Every so often a festival is held to honour the midgets of the world, in this festival there is the midget tossing event.To have a successful throw you have to put your preferred hand of the midgets tiny penis and testes and your other hand into the eyes or nostrils of it.Estimated Worldwide Dwarf Population: There are many conditions and diseases that can cause short stature.Some of these conditions involve a primary bone disorder - the bones do not grow and develop normally. Over 500 specific skeletal dysplasias have been identified.They are rarely seen on the surface, and when they are they have an air of power and potent mental control, You will see the way that people try not to look at them or ignore them and try to act like its not "different" or "strange" , this is their "olde majik" at play in our minds , trying to make us never see them , like they are invisible so they can get on with their plotting , reconsissace and deviant behavior. We need to shout so loud that they can no longer hide from our critical and prying eyes, from our uncomfortable staring and mocking children, so they can no longer hide from the awful truth! There is still much debate as to which of the theories, midget evolution or midgit creationism, is correct.

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