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The hacker has several tricks, which he uses to entertain viewers during the stream.The 2ch case is quite different from other incidents listed above: this time the hacker received almost full control over victims devices, not only their webcams. His favorite trick is to open a homosexual porn page when the unsuspecting user is near the computer, or show the victim’s page to the trolls.While the general public has become aware of this creepy hobby only recently, it has actually been a “hobby” of hackers for years.

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Instead he compromised hundreds of PCs in several countries.

In the thread he explained that victims downloaded cracks for computer games and other dubious software.

However, if a picture from your webcam appears here and you object to that, let us know and it will be removed.

Yesterday one of 2ch’s users attracted the attention of Russian media.

If the people who were hacked *in this very case* did not turn it off, the hacker could not have invaded their computers in the first place.

In this post we are talking about unusual hack: the criminal did not hacked webcams with unreliable passwords for his stream.

The hacker lost remote control over victims devices when Kaspersky solutions were launched” (quote from the article published on the TJournal website).

The first lesson is that you should NEVER, EVER turn off your security solution.

Explanation These are web cameras with IP addresses, which send a continuous stream of pictures in the Motion JPEG format. The first frame of the video is grabbed and resized as a thumbnail.

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